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Dr. Rajendra Shah, MD

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"I highly recommended Dr. Shah, with his staffs are awesome, they made me feel very comfortable, I recently have lipo and tummy tuck with the results are amazing, I am so happy with my new me. Thank you, I will come back."

-Michelle H.

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Beauty Enhancing Options to Address Your Concerns:

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  • Wrinkles

  • Belly Fat

  • Loss of Facial Volume

  • Sagging Eyelids

  • Red & Brown Spots

  • Blotchy Skin

  • Crooked Nose

  • Crow's Feet

  • Crepe Skin

  • Small Breast

  • Tired-Looking Eyes

  • Saddlebags

  • Aging Face

  • Double Chin

  • Sagging Skin

  • Sun Damage

  • Stubborn Fat Pockets

  • Mouth lines

  • Sagging Neck

  • Large Breast 

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Dr. Rajendra Shah, MD
Dr. Samir Shah, MD