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The Revolutionary Patient Attraction, Conversion, and Retention System Pumping Out Astounding Results!


     Serving as the go-to business and marketing consultant for plastic surgeons over the last 20 years, its obvious times are changing….and NOT for the better.

     You’ve got increasing costs for new leads, bad quality leads wasting your time, low conversion rates, relentless competition, and diminishing loyalty of patients who run off to your competitors who discount their prices.

     It’s enough to want to throw your hands up and give up. I get it. It’s hard.

     That’s why I have dedicated my career to plastic surgeons by speaking at medical conferences, running my industry-leading “Beauty and the Biz” podcast, and providing consulting and training services to boost cosmetic practice revenues.

The Unique Advantages of the

Patient’s Perspective

Although the success I’m able to bring to countless practices throughout the industry can be attributed to a number of things—education, experience, training, etc.—it’s my ability to look at the world through the eyes of a cosmetic surgery patient that’s separated me from everyone in my field.

 I’m able to look at cosmetic surgery through the eyes of a patient because I am one!

     I also interviewed patients from all over the US for my popular book, “Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying”.

     That perspective has allowed me to experience what your patients have experienced, to see what they’ve seen, and to feel what they’ve felt.

     Rather than viewing a cosmetic surgery procedure as an appointment, I view it as a life-changing event. And rather than thinking logically about prices and value, I understand that your patients will base their decisions on emotion.

     That’s just a tiny sneak-peek into how I’m able to help my clients attract more patients, convert consultations at a higher rate, and keep them coming back for more!

The Far More Effective Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

 As a cosmetic surgeon, you’re constantly striving to grow your practice revenues, right? That’s what virtually every surgeon, no matter how successful, is seeking.

     To do so, they’re constantly looking for new pools of potential patients to fill their treatment rooms and schedules with. Think of it like ponds of fish, where the fish are quality patients who could bring in new business.

     Most surgeons have spent years building up their own pond full of fish, and now they’re aiming to add to that pond by fishing in other ponds. Sure, some other ponds will have a few quality fish to add to your own, but there’s a far more efficient and effective way to boost your bottom line…

"I have finally tapped into the most efficient way to grow my cosmetic practice and that is to "fish in the pond of my own patients." When patients return to my practice, over 85% will purchase another service, product, or procedure. Not only was it worth over $200,000 in revenues this past year, it also reminds my patients I'm still around, so they don't wander all to my competitors."   


Victor Ferrari, MD   


Real Success

Tap Into the Most Efficient Way to Grow

Your Practice

Rather than spending all your time, money, and effort searching for new ponds, it’s smarter to fish in your own pond!

     The very best prospective patients for your cosmetic practice are the ones who’ve already experienced what you have to offer. It’s time to reel in those big fish by encouraging them to return for additional services and procedures.

     I’ll reveal exactly how you’re going to do so in just a minute…

     First, think about your own home. Have you remodeled any part of your house? If you have, you probably started to notice other parts of your home that could benefit from some enhancement, right? Once you redo the bathrooms, the kitchen suddenly feels like it could use some work.

     The same thing is true of cosmetic surgery!

     Once you’ve enhanced one part of a patient’s face or body, they’re now a prime prospect for another procedure because they see just how much you can help their image and confidence... Suddenly, the patient begins to realize how your procedures could benefit other parts of their face and body.

All you need is the proven method for maintaining a relationship with those patients, building trust, and enticing them back in for additional procedures...

Automatically Hands You Additional Procedures Each Month
(That Means Extra Revenue!)

Please humor me for a moment and think about how much extra your cosmetic surgery practice would bring in if you were consistently performing 5 extra procedures per month. What about 10? Now consider how much you’d be making from another 20 procedures each month…

     Based on the costs of different non-surgical and surgical procedures from one practice to another, let’s just say the average procedure earns you approximately $3,000.

     So, if you could consistently add another 5 procedures each month, you’d be making an extra $15,000 per month! 10 to 20 additional procedures could easily net you an extra $40,000 per month!

     Don’t you think it’s possible to add this sort of consistent revenue to your practice?

"Working with Catherine and her team has been very profitable. We're only halfway through the year and I'm up $200K and I'm booked out for the next 2 months, even though we typically go into our slow summer months now."   


 Robert Langdon, MD 


Real Success

How much additional revenues will you collect once you add to your arsenal of patient attraction and retention weaponry the revolutionary KISS Rewards Club?

This is NOT Just Another Loyalty Program…
This is a Patient Attraction, Conversion, and Retention System!

Refer a friend

Leave a review

Share you on social media

Approve their before-and-after photos to be used in your marketing

Complete a surgical procedure this year (optional)

And please note that we are NOT DISCOUNTING your existing products and offering free rewards in exchange for additional purchases and patients, the profit margin you’ll receive is nothing short of massive...


Turns Your Patients Into Ambassadors For Your Practice!

Rather than spending hundreds or thousands on other digital advertising every month, the KISS Rewards Club makes it, so your patients do so FOR YOU!

This means you’ll receive social media advertising that…

As an all-in-one marketing referral program, you do NOT do any of the heavy lifting. The program automatically enters your patients into the rewards platform, gets them excited with 100 “KISSes,” and keeps them engaged with emails and social media interaction (texting is optional).

Additionally, your patients will receive KiSSes towards free cosmetic services when they: 


Happens organically!

Is more credible, since this advertising will be coming straight from

patients rather than your practice!

Requires ZERO effort on your part!

 Social media marketing can truly be a game-changer for your practice, and this patient-ambassador bonus is like having the winning lotto numbers!

     Your patients will be excited to refer, post, tag, and share you with their friends and family when they receive KISSes for doing so, from you thanking them for their support.

     As the saying goes, “Behavior that is rewarded is repeated”.

The KISS Rewards Club makes it all happen on autopilot!

Untitled design (18).png

Attracts Your Patients Back With Irresistible Rewards...

This revolutionary system doesn’t just hand you free social media marketing and organically attract new patients to your also maximizes the value of your existing patients, putting money in your pocket that you didn’t even know you were missing out on!

     To do so, your patients receive customized emails and social media posts to remind them how close they are to the next tier/reward, encouraging them to come back for another procedure or service. 


     Our proprietary system uses enticing language and valuable rewards that are proven to get your patients to click and call when they previously would have forgotten about your practice...

     And our tested, specially-designed KISS branding (below) teaches your patients to be excited about opening every email we send by thinking…“Oh, I wonder how many KiSSes I have.”


Because there are several ways for your patients to grow your practice for you in a fun way by collecting KiSSes, it keeps them motivated to return again and again and forget about your competitors.

     These are actual monthly results that continue to compound month after month. So you have this asset working behind the scenes to grow your brand AND your revenues. 

RESULTS Other Plastic Surgery Practices Get.....


Do you see how many different ways your patients can help grow your practice in a fun way that benefits them AND you? They are literally doing the marketing for you……for free!

Never Let a Patient Leave For a Competitor Again

An added bonus to the KISS Rewards Club is the fact that it constantly discourages your patients from leaving for another cosmetic surgery practice. Why would they leave when they have so many “KISSES” built up with you that can NOT be used in another practice? 


     Your patients will always be within reach of that next wonderful reward, so they’ll always feel the allure of staying with you rather than price-comparing against your competitors!

     And if you use other vendor or discount programs, don’t worry. The KISS Rewards Club can work side-by-side with your current setup.

     That’s just one more way this money-making program makes life easier for YOU…

Don’t Worry! 
(Addressing Your Concerns)

It’s only natural to look for reasons not to dive in headfirst despite seeing how the KISS Rewards Club can directly impact your bottom line. I get it. It’s your practice, after all, so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision.

     That’s why I’m happy to address any concerns you may have…

     I've gathered the list of questions and concerns from other surgeons, and I'll provide my answer to each one below in order to help clarify everything for you... 

CONCERN #1: “While I see the appeal of the system, I’m not sure I want to be giving stuff away for free.”

     Answer:  I completely understand that you don’t want to give anything away for free. You’re running a business, after all. However, you’re not really giving away free stuff. For example, in order to achieve a free area of Botox, the patient will need to first spend far more to reach that reward. Or, they’ll need to give you a referral, review or social posts...or something else that immediately benefits your bottom line! More on this very shortly…


CONCERN #2: “I’m not sure I want to complicate my current situation by involving another system.”


 Answer: Don't worry! The KiSS Rewards Club works side-by-side with whatever setup you currently have, even if you provide vendor discounts or other special offers.


My intuitive system makes things easier, NOT harder. And, we'll work with your staff to make sure everything is implemented safely, efficiently, and without any headaches. It's so easy to use, the staff training takes 10 minutes max!

CONCERN #3:  "But won't we lose money on our loyal patients who already come to us without incentives?

  Answer:  Everybody wants to feel appreciated. Your loyal patients are no different. And, frankly, you have thousands of patients in your database and maybe 100 loyal patients, at best. That means you're missing out on those who COULD become your loyal patients.

CONCERN#4:  "Shouldn't I use my own branding?"

     Answer:  The KiSS Rewards Club is specially designed to work in conjunction with your current setup. That means we're taking the very best parts of your communication with patients and mixing in our own strategies that are proven to enhance cosmetic patient attraction, conversion and retention.

     For example, our emails are specifically crafted in a way that teaches your patients to be excited about receiving them. When a new KiSS email pops up in their inbox, they'll say, "Ooooh! I wonder if a have a new reward!"

     Then, every stage of the communication process entices that eager patient to buy more AND attracts new patients for you. The KiSS Rewards Club works alongside your own branding.

     Plus, we offer some premier customization options for you to take advantage of. You'll see more on this shortly.

CONCERN #5:  "Offering free cosmetic services affects my ancillary staff's bonus programs.

     Answer:  With all due respect, that is NOT the way growth-minded surgeons think. Your staff won't even get bonuses if they don't have a system in place to keep patients returning and referring.  


     KiSS Rewards Club is designed to keep a steady stream of patients staying and paying so your staff will be thrilled with their bonuses.

CONCERN #6:  "What if we want to do our own social media marketing?"

     Answer:  Go for it! You're more than welcome to continue your own social media marketing campaigns while using the KiSS Rewards Club. Since this program automatically produces social media marketing for you, you can add a double whammy with your own efforts.

     Powered by the KiSS Rewards Club program, your current patients will create valuable social medical marketing that attracts brand new patients to your practice via before-and-after photos, glowing reviews, and posted selfies - all showing you off as the BEST CHOICE. 


    If you have any other questions or concerns, we can address them when we talk. 

It’s an Automated Marketing System In-a-Box

Think of the KISS Rewards Club as an all-inclusive marketing program that you pull out of a box, turn on, and watch it collect patients and profits at every turn.

Here's what you get....

The KiSS Rewards Club includes Done-for-You Marketing Services......

Screenshot 2020-10-20 180319.png

  All of the above is included in the Done-For-You Marketing KiSS Toolkit at a total value of $15,750 that comes FREE when you choose your KISS Rewards Club plan below!

You'll also receive KISS Rewards Club progress reports each month to track usage and results, ensuring the program is bringing in more patients, more reviews, more procedures, and more word-of-mouth referrals than ever before.

Win-Win for YOU and Your Patients

With KISS Rewards Club you give your patients a FREE benefit that makes your practice more attractive and earns more revenues. PLUS, you get a revenue-boosting machine that enhances your bottom line every time another reward is earned!

     Sure, you’ll be giving away some Botox, filler and laser treatments — what I like to call the “gateway drugs” to plastic surgery—but that doesn’t mean you’ll be losing money. In fact, it means you’ll be bringing in money. Lots of it.

     Let's do the math...

    One area of Botox is 20 units with a cost to you of around $120. Yet the KISS Rewards Club ensures you’ll receive exponentially more back! Just to get that $120-worth of Botox, your patients need to spend $900 ($900 + the 100 free KISSes we’ll give them to sign up earns that Botox reward)! That’s a $780 profit to you!

     What about a new patient referral?

     You’ll reward your current patient with $120 worth of Botox in exchange for a new patient. If that new patient goes on to get just ONE procedure, you’re talking about giving up $120 to receive THOUSANDS!

     And what if that new patient goes on to become a life-long patient who gets multiple procedures? That becomes a likelihood when the KISS Rewards Club program is constantly encouraging them back for more!

     Where else can you “buy” a new cosmetic patient for only $120?

Choose the Right Plan for You

     All that’s left for you to do is choose which plan is best for you. When you do, we’ll go into stealth mode as we work to prepare and set up your customized KISS Rewards Club platform. Then we’ll activate your KISS Marketing Toolkit in order to stuff your email inbox, fill your treatment rooms, pack your procedure schedule, and have your phones ringing off the hook.

    Remember, The Kiss Rewards Club works side-by-side with your current setup, so you won’t have to lift a finger once we press “GO!” All that’s left is to decide exactly how much customization and practice-building extras you’re looking for...


 The Standard Package, which includes ongoing support from our team of experts, is just $1,997 per month. Based on industry averages, that’s HALF the cost of just ONE procedure purchased by a patient, meaning this will pay for itself in the blink of an eye! After that, it’s ALL PROFIT for YOU...

     The Premier Package, which includes additional customization, staff training and support from our team of experts, is just $2,997 per month. Based on industry averages, that’s the cost of ONE procedure purchased by a patient, meaning this will pay for itself with the very first procedure it books for you! After that, it’s ALL PROFIT for YOU..

Relax....I personally guarantee your results.

I stand behind this unique patient attraction, conversion, and retention system and wholeheartedly believe it will get you more patients and profits…..just like it does for other practices we partner with.


     If for some odd reason, this KiSS Rewards Program doesn’t become your easiest, cheapest patient attraction, conversion, and retention secret weapon within 60 days, you can cancel at any time since there is no long-term contract involved.

So Let's Talk........      

Instead of trying to get you to make a decision right now, wouldn’t it better to talk? I’m sure you have questions so let’s see if we have a good fit.

Click the link below and we’ll schedule a quick 30-minute chat. I’ll ask you a few key questions about your practice and immediately be able to tell you if my system is right for you.

One-Time Special Offer:

Get Started for Only $1

  As a ‘Thank You’ for your time and saying YES to KiSS, I’m offering you a one-time special. If you book the call using the link below, you’ll get all the technical details of the system handled by our team….for just $1. 


That includes the following:


  • Setup. We customize our platform to fit your requirements and put all on autopilot. This is a savings on average, up to $2,497.


  • Branding. We incorporate pieces of your branding with our proven messaging that your patients love and respond to, while keeping the messaging consistent.


  • Free Training. To make sure you start seeing massive returns on value right away, we also work with you and your team to improve different aspects of your practice that are losing money.

     We do that by providing unlimited FREE Access to More Patients Academy Online Learning Center.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 181812.png

Hopefully, you now see how this simple addition to your marketing plan will automatically catapult your cosmetic revenues without you lifting a finger.


I look forward to speaking with you to see if you're a good fit for The Kiss Club!

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