Here's a new approach to growing your cosmetic revenues..... 

The Revolutionary Patient Attraction, Conversion, and Retention
System Pumping Out Astounding Results!

Dear Surgeon,

Serving as the go-to business and marketing consultant for plastic surgeons over the last 20 years,
its obvious times are changing….and NOT for the better.

     You’ve got increasing costs for new leads, bad quality leads wasting your time, low conversion rates, relentless competition, and diminishing loyalty of patients who run off to your competitors who discount their prices.

     It’s enough to want to throw your hands up and give up. I get it. It’s hard.

     That’s why I have dedicated my career to plastic surgeons by speaking at medical conferences, running my industry-leading “Beauty and the Biz” podcast, and providing consulting and services to boost cosmetic practice revenues.

     In addition, I’m also a cosmetic surgery patient, putting me in the shoes of the consumers you’re aiming to attract.

The Unique Advantage of the Patient’s Perspective

Although the success I’m able to bring to countless practices throughout the industry can be attributed to a number of things—education, experience, training, etc.—it’s my ability to look at the world through the eyes of a cosmetic surgery patient that’s separated me from everyone in my field.

  I’m able to look at cosmetic surgery through the eyes of a patient because I am one!

     I also interviewed patients from all over the US for my popular book, “Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying”.

     That perspective has allowed me to experience what your patients have experienced, to see what they’ve seen, and to feel what they’ve felt.

     Rather than viewing a cosmetic surgery procedure as an appointment, I view it as a life-changing event. And rather than thinking logically about prices and value, I understand that your patients will base their decisions on emotion.


That’s just a tiny sneak-peek into how I’m able to help my clients attract more patients, convert consultations at a higher rate, and keep them coming back for more!